Flowers for All

by Amena Hajjar

March 8th is International Women’s Day, also known as ‘La Festa della Donna’ in Italy, it has been celebrated since 1946. It is a tradition in which women give each other a sprig of the mimosa flower; an intentional gift, to an influential woman in one’s life. The yellow flower was chosen for its abundant blooms in March and can easily be spotted in our local West Marin landscape. In the US we call it the acacia tree.

I recently learned about this tradition, while attending the Women and Girl’s Empowerment celebration in which WMSS was a grant recipient from the West Marin Fund. A local resident of Inverness, and Italy, handed out yellow daffodils to each woman and girl who attended this inspiring event. (Daffodils were chosen because of the allergic pollen acacia blooms may present.)

Upon receiving my daffodils that night, I was reminded of how supportive women can be to each other, and how grateful I am in reflecting on those women who have supported me on my journey. This month WMSS offers this image of the yellow acacia to all the women in our lives who have come before us.

Happy National Women’s Day. March 8th is a day for everyone to enjoy. Thank you mothers, grandmothers, aunties, sisters, friends, colleagues and our daughters.

Learn more about how WMSS used its grant to support career training for female staff members. You can read the inspiring article here.

Pictured left to right: Danny, Susan, Genevieve, Noelle and Tom 

Each week the table along the west side of the community luncheon overflows with goodies, free to anyone and everyone. Susan Deixler (WMSS Care Manager for the west region) and a team of volunteers along with Noele Kostelic of Walnut Place, collect food donations from the Palace Market and WMCS Food Pantry for all to enjoy.

The pantry table is set up by a team of volunteers, each a buzz with excitement as they lay out lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy items and protein. This program is a collaboration between local organizations and businesses, and everyone benefits. It has become a hub at the luncheon.

To learn more about the WMSS Meal Programs click here