About us.

West Marin Senior Services has dedicated over 40 years to ensuring that seniors and people with disabilities enjoy successful lives by staying in their homes, among the nestling arms of our community, friends and family, and within the familiar, rural lifestyle of West Marin.

We currently have opportunities for Assisted Living in beautiful West Marin at Stockstill House.

Our Mission and Values.

Our Mission

To help seniors live safely and with dignity in our community.

Our Values

  • Compassion
  • Understanding the reality of the aging process
  • Patience—willingness to listen and ability to hear
  • Accountability for our actions and our resources
  • Personal integrity and confidentiality
  • Openness to change
  • Respect for self and others
  • Team spirit and trust throughout the organization

Our Work.

Our work at West Marin Senior Services, a nonprofit 501(c) 3 organization, provides in-home support, assisted living, and community services that foster independence and participation in our community.

So often we have witnessed our comprehensive home care prevent premature or unnecessary institutionalization.

With our assistance, frail, disabled and even gravely ill people have stayed in their own homes at a fraction of the cost of institutional care.

We bring the warmth, comfort and personal attention we all want for our family members and for ourselves.

If living at home is no longer possible, we have a smooth and compassionate transition for seniors to a higher level of assistance at Stockstill House.

Our Services.

We have designed a comprehensive array of services and programs that recognize the different needs that adults have as they age. These service address the highly practical, day-to-day needs, like transportation, food delivery, and shopping, for adults that are still fairly self-sufficient.

As a higher level of care becomes necessary, we offer programs that focus on family respite care and home care referrals.

When it is no longer possible for a client to remain safely in their homes, we offer Stockstill House, a wonderful licensed residential care facility in Point Reyes Station. Staffed, owned and operated by West Marin Senior Services, Stockstill House provides the warmth and nurturing qualities that you or your loved ones would enjoy at home.