WMSS, with EAH and Marin General Hospital is  sponsoring  A Matter of Balance, Falls Prevention class series at the chapel of the Dance Palace on Wednesdays from Jan 24-Mar 24 from 1-3 pm. If you have any clients (or seniors in the community) that you think would be able to attend, and benefit from them, please let me know and we can enroll them for free, (if they’re willing).

These classes are primarily discussion groups, with some low intensity  exercise practices. They are intended to dispell the fear of falling that limits many seniors activities, teach easily performed strength and balance exercises, and provide a social support system around the theme of promoting falls prevention.

There are also some spaces for people who want to become coaches, although those are limited and may already be filled.  Attendees should be cognitively and socially functional,  not extremely frail and have some risk factors or have mentioned fear of falling as a limiting factor.

If you cannot attend this class, and would like more information about balance, the danger of falls and fall prevention, please contact us. (415) 663-8148