Making a Difference

Caring for our senior citizens is a matter of both community and individual concern. Whatever the needs of the elderly—medical attention, food, warmth, or companionship we believe that all seniors should have the choice to remain in their own home, living a life with the quality and dignity they deserve.

With support of our community we provide the following:

Care Management Care managers work with seniors and their families to develop care plans for
those at risk, to assure they have food, medication, a safe home, and emotional support. We provide case management services for about 300 seniors each year, including home assessments, care plans, assistance with contracts and ongoing care monitoring. We connect those in need to food programs, financial assistance, health insurance options, housing programs, home health agencies and many other services.

Home Care Referrals Care Managers screen and refer qualified caregivers to provide seniors and their families assistance for short intervals or for continuous care.
We match clients with live-in
and part-time caregivers, nurses’ aides, housekeepers, cooks, drivers, gardeners, companions, repairmen, and others. We counsel clients on how to select
a caregiver, develop appropriate employment agreements, and maintain regular follow-up to ensure quality care.

Family Respite Care
Family members provide the major proportion of care to those in need. With a little professional
support andoccasional paid respite care, family caregiverscan be more effective getting a break from the on- going challengesof caring for a loved one. Welcome to theFamily Caregiver Support Program (FCSP), which is funded by the Older American’s Actand administered by the Marin County Division of Aging. These funds offer short term support to family caregivers who need assistance with daily care-giving.

Friendly Visiting Dedicated, caring volunteers develop ongoing relationships with seniors by visiting, calling, sharing a hobby, preparing meals, helping with correspondence, gardening, providing transportation to medical appointments or enjoying a trip outdoors. Our staff provides voluinteer training and matches friendly visitors with seniors who would benefit from a friendly companion visiting on a regular basis.

Transportation Assistance Living in rural and isolated West Marin, seniors have identified transportation as their biggest challenge. Our staff helps seniors find rides, including shuttle service to the Stage Coach, and volunteer and paid drivers for medical appointments, shopping, errands, and other activities, both locally and “over-the-hill”.

West Marin TRIPtrans is a simple, convenient volunteer driver program where seniors find their own drivers and we reimburse the mileage expenses. Arrangements for travel are made between the seniors and their own volunteer drivers. Records of travel are sent to us each month to validate the
completed travel and checks are sent
to the seniors for them to pay their own drivers, for up to a maximum of 300 miles per month. To join this program, riders and drivers complete a simple application. If you need assistance finding a driver, please call our office at 415-663-8148 x114. People with disabilities under 60 years of age, may contact Kathleen Roach at Health and Human Services (415-663-8231) to see if they may qualify for this program.
Click here rider & driver applications
Click here for reimbursement forms

TRIPtrans is sponsored by Marin Transit & funded by Measure B Vehicle Registration Tax and administered by WEST MARIN SENIOR SERVICES

Meal Programs We operate Meals from Friends (formerly called Meals on Wheels) in West Marin County, providing home-delivered meals directly to seniors 60 years and older who are nutritionally at risk or homebound. Federal funding from the Older American’s Act provides support for this program. Fresh meals are prepared by Revolution Foods and delivered to West Marin Senior Services which is fortunate to have 75 volunteers who deliver these meals directly to the homes of those needing
assistance with meals.
Seniors may require these meals for a short period of
time due to illness or injury,or may have a long-term need
for prepared meals delivered directly to the home. We not only bring a delicious meal, but we also provide conversation and connections, making sure remote and isolated seniors are safe and living and eating well.
The Point Reyes Community Lunch has been an ongoing tradition for over 25 years. West Marin Senior Services has recently assumed responsibility for this vibrant lunch which occurs every Thursday at 12:00 p.m. at the Dance Palace. Come enjoy great food, an upbeat ambience, entertainment, and good connections. You may also shop (for free) at our food pantry which consists of mostly organic fresh fruit and vegetables, bread, soups, and eggs. (we encourage you to bring your own bags). Make your reservation by calling WMSS at 663-8148 by Tuesday before the luncheon.

Equipment Loans We lend a broad range of medical and homecare equipment, including hospital beds, walkers, wheelchairs, shower chairs and commodes for use
by clients. All of this equipment
is loaned free of charge to those who need assistance.

Community Education and Wellness We
sponsor workshops, exercise classes, support groups, activities, and educational programs for seniors, their families and caregivers to promote healthy lifestyles.

Employment Services We provide employment opportunities for people interested in securing live-in and part-time home care jobs in West Marin. Click here for the application. Occasionally we have job opportunities with our agency, which will be posted on the website.

Home Safety Repairs Throughout the year,
we assist our clients in finding people who can provide small home repairs or accommodations (such as grab bars and handrails) to help prevent falls and make it safer to live at home.

Information, Advocacy, and Referral We assist seniors in completing forms for housing, socoal security, and help them access many other services.

Volunteer Opportunities
If you are interested in preparing or delivering meals to seniors in need, wish to work in our office learning new skills, driving a senior to a medical appointment or helping at one of our fund raising events, we have a need for you! Click here, fill out the application and mail back to West Marin Senior Services.