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West Marin Senior Services has dedicated over 40 years to ensuring that seniors and people with disabilities enjoy successful lives by staying in their homes, among the nestling arms of our community, friends and family, and within the familiar, rural lifestyle of West Marin.

We currently have opportunities for Assisted Living in beautiful West Marin at Stockstill House.
Ensure good nutrition with Home Delivered Meals and Community Meals

Our Work

Our work at West Marin Senior Services, a nonprofit 501(c) 3 organization, provides in-home support, assisted living, and community services that foster independence and participation in our community.

So often we have witnessed our comprehensive home care prevent premature or unnecessary institutionalization.

With our assistance, frail, disabled and even gravely ill people have stayed in their own homes at a fraction of the cost of institutional care.

We bring the warmth, comfort and personal attention we all want for our family members and for ourselves.

If living at home is no longer possible, we have a smooth and compassionate transition for seniors to a higher level of assistance at Stockstill House.

Our Mission

To help seniors live safely and with dignity in our community.

Our Values

  • Compassion
  • Understanding the reality of the aging process
  • Patience—willingness to listen and ability to hear
  • Accountability for our actions and our resources
  • Personal integrity and confidentiality
  • Openness to change
  • Respect for self and others
  • Team spirit and trust throughout the organization

Our Services

We have designed a comprehensive array of services and programs that recognize the different needs that adults have as they age. These service address the highly practical, day-to-day needs, like transportation, food delivery, and shopping, for adults that are still fairly self-sufficient.

As a higher level of care becomes necessary, we offer programs that focus on family respite care and home care referrals.

When it is no longer possible for a client to remain safely in their homes, we offer Stockstill House, a wonderful licensed residential care facility in Point Reyes Station. Staffed, owned and operated by West Marin Senior Services, Stockstill House provides the warmth and nurturing qualities that you or your loved ones would enjoy at home.

Through your donations, we are able to respond to the needs of seniors in our community quickly and effectively.

In Memory or Honor of
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Making a difference caring for our senior citizens is a matter of both community and individual concern. We believe that all seniors should have the choice to remain in their own home, living a full life with the quality and dignity they deserve.

Meet Our Staff

At West Marin Senior Services we provide aging adults with the peace of mind that there is someone there for them. Our local, professional staff is highly trained and they have years of experience in caring for the community of older adults. They also are some of the most compassionate and thoughtful people you’ll meet. Our clients are in very good hands.

Skip Schwartz

Skip Schwartz

Executive Director

Phone: (415) 663-8148 ext109
email: skip@wmss.org

Pam Osborn, R.N.

Pam Osborn, R.N.

Associate Director, WMSS Administrator, Stockstill House

Phone: (415) 663-8148 ext101
email: pam@wmss.org

Natalia Meyerson

Natalia Meyerson

Onsite Administrator, Stockstill House

Phone: (415) 663-0722
email: natalia@wmss.org

Cynthia Hammond

Cynthia Hammond

Executive Assistant

Phone: (415) 663-8148 x108
email: cynthia@wmss.org

Mark Solomons

Mark Solomons

Bilingual Assistant, Volunteer Coordinator

Phone: (415) 663-8148 x103
email: mark@wmss.org

Cathy Bleeker

Cathy Bleeker

Nutrition Program Manager

Phone: (415) 663-8148 x104
email: cathy@wmss.org

Connie Mart

Connie Mart


Phone: (415) 663-8148 x106
email: connie@wmss.org

Robyn Torres, R.N.

Robyn Torres, R.N.

Administrator, Stockstill House, Long Term Care advocate

Phone: (415) 663-8148 x112
email: robyn@wmss.org

Elizabeth River

Elizabeth River

Stockstill House Chaplin

Phone: (415) 663-0722

Lisa Luzzi

Lisa Luzzi

Accounting Assistant

Phone: (415) 663-8148
email: lisa@wmss.org

Hope Hopkins

Home Delivered Meal Driver

Phone: (415) 663-8148

Care Managers

Care managers work with seniors and their families to develop care plans for those at risk, to assure they have food, medication, a safe home, and emotional support. We provide case management services for about 300 seniors each year, including home assessments, care plans, assistance with contracts and ongoing care monitoring. We connect those in need to food programs, financial assistance, health insurance options, housing programs, home health agencies and many other services.

Susan Deixler

Susan Deixler

Care Manager

Pt. Reyes Station, Inverness
Phone: (415) 663-8148 x105
email: susan@wmss.org

Laura Sherman C.M.C.

Laura Sherman C.M.C.

Care Manager

San Geronimo Valley, Nicasio
Phone: (415) 663-8148 x102
email: laura@wmss.org

Terri Sylvain

Terri Sylvain

Care Manager

North: Tomales, Marshall, Dillon Beach
Phone: (415) 663-8148 x111
email: terri@wmss.org

Stephen Simac

Care Manager

Stinson Beach, Bolinas, Muir Beach, Olema
Phone: (415) 663-8148 x110
email: stephen@wmss.org

With the support of our community we provide the following Programs and Services:

Care Management


Care managers work with seniors and their families to develop care plans for those at risk, to assure they have food, medication, a safe home, and emotional support. We provide case management services for about 300 seniors each year, including home assessments, care plans, assistance with contracts and ongoing care monitoring. We connect those in need to food programs, financial assistance, health insurance options, housing programs, home health agencies and many other services.

Home Care Referrals

Care Managers screen and refer qualified caregivers to provide seniors and their families assistance for short intervals or for continuous care. We match clients with live-in and part-time caregivers, nurses’ aides, housekeepers, cooks, drivers, gardeners, companions, repairmen, and others. We counsel clients on how to select a caregiver, develop appropriate employment agreements, and maintain regular follow-up to ensure quality care.

Family Respite Care

family-respite-careFamily members provide the major proportion of care to those in need. With a little professional support and occasional paid respite care, family caregivers can be more effective getting a break from the on-going challenges of caring for a loved one. Welcome to the Family Caregiver Support Program (FCSP), which is funded by the Older American’s Actand administered by the Marin County Division of Aging. These funds offer short term support to family caregivers who need assistance with daily care-giving.

Friendly Visiting

friendlyvisitingDedicated, caring volunteers develop ongoing relationships with seniors by visiting, calling, sharing a hobby, preparing meals, helping with correspondence, gardening, providing transportation to medical appointments or enjoying a trip outdoors. Our staff provides voluinteer training and matches friendly visitors with seniors who would benefit from a friendly companion visiting on a regular basis.


11In rural isolated West Marin, seniors have identified transportation as one of their biggest challenge. Our staff helps seniors find rides with the Point Reyes Shuttle as well as with volunteers and paid drivers for transportation to medical appointments, shopping, errands, and other activities, both locally and “over-the-hill”.

West Marin TripTrans

Is a simple, convenient volunteer driver program where seniors find their own drivers and Marin Transit reimburses the mileage expenses. Arrangements for travel are made between the seniors and their own volunteer drivers. Records of travel are sent to Marin Transit each month to validate the completed travel and checks are sent to the seniors to pay their drivers. Compensation is $.40 per mile for a maximum of $400 per month.

To join this program please contact Travel Navigation at (415) 454-0902.
If you need assistance finding a driver, please call our office at (415) 663-8148 ext 103.

Meal Programs

MealsNewProgram 003We provide home-delivered meals directly to seniors 60 years and older (the only home delivery for seniors in West Marin) who are nutritionally at risk or homebound. Federal funding from the Older American’s Act provides support for this program.

Fresh meals are prepared by Sonoma Council on Aging and delivered to West Marin Senior Services. We then coordinate volunteers to deliver these fresh meals directly to the homes of those needing them.

You may be in need of meals for a short-term due to an illness or the absence of a caregiver or in need of the home-delivered meals on an on-going basis.

To sign up, simply call (415) 663-8148 ext 104.

There is no charge for this service, however we ask you to make a small voluntary donation. For those able to make a larger, tax-deductible donation to help support the program, please go to the donation section below.

The Point Reyes Community Lunch

03The Point Reyes Community Lunch has been an ongoing tradition for over 25 years. West Marin Senior Services offers this vibrant lunch, which occurs every Thursday at 12:00 p.m. at the Dance Palace. Come enjoy great food, an upbeat ambience, entertainment, and good connections. Make your reservation by calling WMSS at (415) 663-8148 ext 104 by Tuesday before the luncheon.

Food Pantry

At the community lunch you can also shop (for free) at the Marin Community Resource Center’s food pantry, which consists of mostly organic fresh fruit and vegetables, bread, and eggs. We encourage you to bring your own bags.

Community Education and Wellness

other-community-servicesWe sponsor workshops, exercise classes, support groups, activities, and educational programs for seniors, their families and caregivers to promote healthy lifestyles. Join us Thursdays at the Dance Palace 11:30am for a weekly seated Zumba class before the congregate lunch.

Equipment Loans

We lend a broad range of medical and homecare equipment, including hospital beds, walkers, wheelchairs, shower chairs and commodes for use by clients. All of this equipment is loaned free of charge to those who need assistance.

Employment Services

We provide employment opportunities for people interested in securing live-in and part-time home care jobs in West Marin. Occasionally we have job opportunities with our agency, which will be posted on the website.

Home Safety Repairs

Throughout the year, we assist our clients in identifying people who can provide small home repairs or accommodations, such as grab bars and handrails, to help prevent falls and make it safer to live at home.

Information, Advocacy, and Referral

We assist seniors in completing forms for housing, socoal security, and help them access many other services.

Long Term Care

Our staff has experience and expertise in this area. We can help you enroll and navigate Long Term Care options and answer any questions you may have about the program.

Assisted Living – Stockstill House

Stockstill House
12051 Highway 1
Point Reyes Station, CA 94956

Located less than a mile from the main crossroads of the picturesque and historic town of Point Reyes Station, Stockstill House offers high quality, 24-hour personalized care for eight residents, in a warm and spacious home. Owned and operated by West Marin Senior Services, Stockstill House is a state-licensed residential care facility for the elderly with a secured perimeter, staffed by trained and qualified professionals. For eight residents, Stockstill House means safety, comfort and professional supervision that provides families with peace of mind knowing their loved one’s physical, emotional and social needs are being met in a personal, attentive and caring way.

Accommodations and Services:

  • Lodging with country views in semi-private rooms.
  • Open and inviting dining room, kitchen, and living room areas with a fireplace and decks.
  • Experienced, competent caregivers on duty 24 hours a day.
  • Daily assistance with bathing, dressing, medications, and personal grooming needs.
  • A variety of activities to stimulate learning and physical enhancement, entertainment by local musical groups and poets, and outings to local events such as our weekly Community Lunch.
  • Freshly prepared meals that meet the specific dietary needs of each resident.
  • Transportation for medical and dental appointments available.
  • Arrangements for onsite dental hygiene services and podiatry care.
  • Collaboration with local home health and community hospice providers, whenever necessary.
  • Housekeeping and laundry service.
  • 38kW automatic emergency electric generator – ensuring warmth, light, cooking and wash can be maintained even if the PG&E electrical grid goes down during the winter storm season.

Stockstill House is managed by a team of dedicated senior care professionals: Natalia Myerson, Onsite Administrator; Robyn Torres, R.N. Administrator; and Pam Osborn, R.N., Associate Director of West Marin Senior Services. Our goal is to enhance the quality of life for people who need 24 hour care and supervision by creating an atmosphere close to what you or your loved one would enjoy at home:

  • We treat each resident with dignity and respect.
  • We foster independence and individuality.
  • We involve family, friends and community volunteers in the daily life of our residents.

Come for a Visit

Monthly Tea Time at Stockstill House is held on the fourth Wednesday of every month from 2pm-3:30p.m. Please come for a visit and experience our warm hospitality while getting to know our residents and staff.

Respite Stays

WMSS has funds for paid (full or partial) respite care, available to family caregivers needing a break from continuous care. Call ahead to inquire about the availability of short stay respite care.

More Information

For more information or to schedule a tour of Stockstill House, please contact, Robyn Torres, R.N. at (415) 663-8148 ext 112 or by email at robyn@wmss.org.
RCFE #216801977

Stockstill House: Local, expert care

By Rev. Elizabeth Rivers

When I had my hip replaced a few months ago, I didn’t have a clue how I was going to take care of myself during that first critical week. The “hip precautions,” in addition to ordinary recovery from major surgery, were daunting and confusing. A good friend offered her home for the first few days, since I live alone, and this seemed like a good plan. After all, I thought, surely I could do most things by myself, as long as I was careful, right?

When I mentioned my plan to Susan Deixler, the care manager at West Marin Senior Services, she was shocked. “Do you know what this kind of recovery and recuperation requires?” No, I did not, but I found out after I took her advice and moved into Stockstill House for the first 10 days after surgery.

Stockstill House is the terrific assisted living facility for frail elders who can no longer live in their own homes. It’s supported by West Marin Senior Services, which, in turn, is supported by caring donors in our community and beyond. I was a chaplain there for several years, so I knew about the breadth of quality care and saw how residents responded to staff as if they were their own family members. And staff do treat them that way—as family.

What I hadn’t known was that Stockstill House is not just a place for frail elders. On the contrary, when there is room, it is available for people in exactly my situation: people who live alone and undergo major surgery but can’t return home until they have had time to recover.

Though I had observed the loving care and relationships between staff and residents, I had no idea what it was like to be a recipient of that care. The 15 staff members were just magnificent, managed by the upbeat, loving and energetic Natalia Meyerson, who models a high level of loving attention and action. Robyn Torres, a registered nurse, makes sure all the details are covered. I was such a fuzz-brain after surgery that I forgot to take my pain meds, but Robyn made sure they were delivered to me, exactly as prescribed, all day long.  Everyone was friendly, kind, helpful and hard-working.

I was delighted to receive instant help with all aspects of ordinary living. In the first few days, I couldn’t even get myself in and out of bed without help, and that made me anxious because I get up two or three times at night to use the bathroom. When I pressed the call button, the night caregiver showed up in less than a minute—every time. I got over my embarrassment and worry, and settled into accepting care as often as I needed it, including help with bathing. All the meals were varied, plentiful and delicious. In the morning, I was asked for my breakfast order and got exactly what I ordered (with a smile). Every staff member, without exception, was aware of my meds, laundry, the need to do P.T. exercises and my general wellbeing—the same way they are with every single one of their regular residents, never short-changing anyone’s care.

During my 10 days at Stockstill House, another local resident who’d broken her foot moved in for convalescent care. We both loved the staff, service, warmth, peace and quiet, and loving attention—oh, and the camaraderie at meals!

Another way Stockstill House serves our community is to offer respite care: when you are taking care of a frail parent or spouse and you need some time away, Stockstill will care for your loved one for a week or so while you get some much-needed respite.

Of course, its main purpose is to enable elders to stay in our community when they need this level of care. Residents thrive, often for years, in this homelike atmosphere—close to family and friends who can easily visit, run errands, take them to lunch, and celebrate special occasions together. This is home for them.

I fervently recommend all members of the community check it out, even if you don’t need it right now. After all, everyone is an elder-in-training, right?! If you have some time to give, come and read or sing or watch DVDs with residents. Or come to one of our events, such the traditional Dia de los Muertos celebration we held this week.

I also invite you to drop in at West Marin Senior Services, in the Creamery Building, and learn about all the other services provided to local seniors. You can volunteer by giving rides, delivering meals or just being a friendly visitor; seniors living alone can get so lonely. Senior Services wouldn’t be here without your generous support, and we all want it to be here when we need it. Go to wmss.org for the big picture.

I’m so grateful I had the blessing of receiving magnificent care at Stockstill House, long before—I hope—I need to live there full-time.

Rev. Elizabeth River is an ordained interfaith minister who lives in Inverness.

For more information about Stockstill House please contact us today

Stockstill House Inquiry

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We depend on YOU to provide direct services. Whatever you choose, know your service is much appreciated!

  • Deliver a meal to a home bound senior.
  • Drive seniors to doctor’s appointments, on errands and to socialize. (Reimbursement available through our Trip Trans program).
  • Help us deliver a top notch dining and social experience once a week at Community Lunch at the Dance Palace.
  • Provide companionship and a listening ear to homebound elderly residents who lack the support of family and friends.
  • Become a Friendly Visitor at Stockstill House and share your talent or interests with resident seniors.
  • Contribute to organizing the monthly tea at Stockstill House.
  • Volunteer in the office.
  • Help with mailings.
  • Fill out a volunteer application and mail back to West Marin Senior Services.

If you have any questions about becoming a volunteer please contact Mark Solomons.
Phone: (415) 663-8148 x103 email: mark@wmss.org

“A family member was a HDM recipient – I volunteer to give back, pay it forward.”

“There is a great joy I get while volunteering at the senior lunch, it is very uplifting and it changes my outlook on life.”

“All the recognition I need is a smile on the face of the recipient I deliver meals to.”


Watch a series of short videos about our programs and services.

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